DiscovIR-GC® Detector: Integration of GC-FTIR and MS as a Unique Tool in the Identification of Positional and Structural Isomers


The presentation will introduce DiscovIR-GC® (FTIR) as a universal detector that can be coupled with any Gas Chromatograph, using solid-phase direct deposition to afford unique molecule fingerprinting, while boosting the resolution and sensitivity over conventional gas phase devices.

FTIR is a powerful tool for the identification of specific isomers of controlled substances and

when integrated with MS, accuracy of identification is superior. By joining the strengths of the FTIR and MS detectors, the characterization of unknowns is easily performed in a single analysis. FTIR allows for spectral distinction between positional isomers where identification by MS is limited.

As a walk-up instrument, the DiscovIR-GC® system is designed to meet the needs of forensic drug chemistry laboratories and make use of spectral databases for rapid and accurate identification of unknowns through the orthogonal information gathered from FTIR.

Learning Objectives of Webinar:

  • Understand the technology behind solid-phase deposition FTIR coupled with GC.
  • Gain insight into the differences between gas phase IR and solid-phase IR spectroscopy.
  • Understand the capability for identification of synthetic opioids based on structural differences in IR finger printing.

Nathan Hawkins

CEO, Spectrometrics Limited

Nathan is the CEO of Spectrometrics, UK. He managed a metabolomics core facility for 14 years, before moving into a hybrid commercial role that included account and product management of a small instrument vendor’s portfolio of life science & forensics instruments.

He established Spectrometrics in 2022 to bring new & emerging analytical technologies to the UK & Ireland.

Tracy Phillpott

Senior Applications Chemist,, Spectra Analysis Instruments, Inc.

Tracy Phillpott is the Senior Applications Chemist with Spectra Analysis Instruments, USA. She has a Bachelor’s in Textile Chemistry from Auburn University. Her previous experience has been in the Textile, Polymer, Tire, and Pharma Industries for Morton International, Michelin Americas R&D, Schweizerhall Development Company and IRIX Pharmaceuticals.